Write your love story, Lord


Genesis 24:40

“But he said to me,’ The Lord, before whom I walk, will send his angel with you and prosper your way; and you shall take a wife for my son from my family and from my father’s house.”

When Sarah (Abraham’s wife) had passed away, Abraham knew he would be leaving soon as well and was determined to find the God centered wife for his son from his family. He made his servant swear that he would get a wife from his homeland, who was part of his family. This is equivalent to not being unequally yoked and that a believer should not be with a non-believer. Not saying that anyone that is a non-believer is bad but that values should be the same to avoid conflict on very serious things like: marriage commitments, how to raise you children, will they be around if cancer hits, etc. these are things that need to be considered from the beginning or else things can go terribly wrong. So, as the story goes on the servant start to freak out and asks Abraham, “what if she doesn’t want to come back with me?” So, Abraham promised that if she did not want to come back with the servant then he would be released from his agreement but he also told him that the Lord would guide him to the right woman. Well, as his servant went back to his homeland, he sat by a well where the daughters of the household would come out to soon draw water. So, the servant prayed to the Lord that he guide the servant to the right woman and this is the sign that he would be given. The servant would ask for water and she would give him water plus give water to all his camels. Mind you, this woman would have to come to the well and not turn on a facet but put a bucket into a well and pull up the water for a man she doesn’t know plus as many camels as he had (remember now, Abraham was blessed, truly it could have been a lot of camels.) Plus she would still have to draw water for her family. That is a pretty hard core arm workout but the fact remains that this woman would truly have to go out of her way to serve this man she has never met and his camels, thus proving to have a servant’s heart. Before he even finished praying, Rebecca came along and did everything that was prayed for. God is a God of detail like that. Just to make sure the servant asked who her family was and asked about room and food for the night. So, when he was lead back to her family’s house, he spilled everything. How Abraham is a wealthy man that was looking for a wife for his daughter but this wife had to be of his family line and not a Canaanite and she would have to come back with the servant. Then the servant tells them about his prayer to God and how before the prayer ended Rebecca came along and did everything that he just prayed for. I mean, no one knew his prayer but the Lord and the Lord is faithful to always answer.  Yet, from the very beginning Abraham told him that the Lord would set his path to the right woman for his son. I just find that amazing because look at how much more that servant now believes in the Lord. Faith increase!!!!!!God is the same, yesterday, today and forever. The one who paved the way for Isaac’s wife paved the way for all the marriages to come.

God always had a specific man in mind for me. I was well aware of that, to the point where He even blessed me with a list of what my Mighty Man of God will be like. I remember being excited and immediately started looking for that guy. Yeah, it ended up being me trying to fit a square into a circle cut out hole; I was trying to fit every guy that was interested into my list. Let’s just say, it NEVER worked out. So, I remember reading this story last year and in actuality I just re-read my daily devotion from last year and I was amazed.

Genesis 24:67 Issac brought her into the tent of his mother Sarah, and he married Rebekah. So she became his wife, and he loved her; and Isaac was comforted after his mother’s death.

I remember receiving the revelation of serving the Lord and my mighty man of God would just come alongside me in God’s perfect timing. I love serving my God and in all honesty because my focus was so much on the Lord and serving Him out of nowhere this mighty man of God pops up and I’m shaking like a leaf and hiding under the Lord’s protection because I do not want to stray away from God. Yet, as he and I talked, laughed and joked I realized he is in every detail what my list is and I’m his list as well. Go figure. Looking back my devotion in Jan 2013, I realized 2 other things: Rebecca had a choice to leave immediately or stay a little while longer with her family. She chose to leave immediately. Lately, I have been getting Godly advice on how to handle this new found relationship so that we may not stray away from God, so God has allowed wise counsel into my life for that. I do hear others telling me, though that I need to be careful and this is may not be of God, etc. And in all honesty, it scares me all the more, and I just want to break away from him but then again, do I trust in man or the Lord? Reading last year’s devotion, I realized that I have the choice to go with God’s leading right now or lean on my spiritual family that may want to postpone me a little longer…Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that you do not listen to wise counsel but I am saying that if God is pointing out signs that you need to take that step of faith and go…then you need to follow Him with no questions or concerns in mind. Guess whom I will always follow? Yup, my Lord.  Also, I received the revelation in my 2013 devotion that just as Rebecca was riding back with the servant she saw Isaac and asked the servant who is that man and when the servant responded his master’s son, Isaac. (Here’s a little advice I got a while back, if you asking about that person, then you are interested in that person.) Rebecca didn’t even know that was Isaac but somewhere in her the Spirit moved her to know that this is the man for her and as soon as Isaac laid eyes on her and heard about her, he married her and loved her. Am I encouraging eloping? Absolutely not! The revelation I got was that I would know that this was the man that I was meant to marry as he will also recognize that I am the woman that he will spend the rest of his life with. Before any of that could even be considered, he would have to be a son of God and I would have to be a daughter of God. Family. If you were to ask me, if I felt that this was my husband to be. I would boldly tell, that God is definitely in this relationship and that it will be as the Lord wants it to be.

Dear Father God,

Praise you for our time together! I love our moments together that you are just continually speaking into my life. Lord, I know that you want nothing but the best for me. And I’m thankful that you have given me nothing but the best soul, spirit and body. As my relationship with you soars, every relationship that you want to happen is flourishing but it will not survive without the vine for I am just the branches, God. You make relationships grow and flourish and you cut those off that do not produce good fruits. Father, I see your good fruits in all the relationships you have put in my life, especially my most recent one. Father God, we want to do things the correct way, though. Your way, not the world’s way. Lord, thank you for the example of Isaac and Rebecca. God, I pray that my brothers and sisters that are single, are given the strength and courage to wait on your best for them. Lord, I pray for the couples dating that they set boundaries and follow them for your boundaries are not restrict us but to protect us. Let my best friend and I be that example with your strength and wisdom, Oh Sovereign God.  I pray for the married couples that are continual examples of your love here on earth. Father, build them up so their family will have Your values. I’m excited for 2014, God! I love you beyond words. Father God, suit us up in your full armor. We love and honor you always. In Jesus Mighty and Matchless name, Amen!

Test into Testimony!

Luke 4:13-15
And when the devil had ended every temptation, he departed from him until an opportune time. And Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit of Galilee, and a report about him went out through all the surrounding country. And he taught in their synagogues, being glorified by all.

Right after Jesus got baptised by John the Holy Spirit guided him into the wilderness. Now when you think wilderness, do you think of a dry desolate place or perhaps a wild forest easily lost? Regardless, the wilderness was a place Jesus was being tempted by the devil himself. Jesus did not eat for 40 days, only when Jesus was hungry did the devil step in to tempt him.

Many times, when something good of God happens to you the devil knows that you will experience breakthrough and will encourage others to do the same. So, he will wait until you are in the wilderness, where the Spirit will lead you (because trials need to come for triumph), then the enemy will attack when your weak. You know those moments when you are tired, frustrated, hungry etc. Yup that’s those times. As the story goes on Jesus is not only tempted but is brought into question about his identity.

Vs. 3 -The devil said, if you are the Son of God, command this stone to turn into bread.

Has your identity in Christ ever been questioned by others or even in your own mind?

An acquaintance: if you are the daughter of God, why aren’t you on your knees praying 10 x a day

My mind: if I am a daughter of God, why do I keep breaking my boundaries with Nick

These types of thoughts and comments lead into condemnation and are not of God. Therefore, it is brushed away by the very Word of the Lord when it comes to  grace and mercy.

After Jesus was questioned to turn stones into bread, Jesus fought back with the Word. So, the enemy attenpted a new approach. He attempted to falsely give authority and power to Jesus IF Jesus worshiped him.

Think of those who worship materials- houses, cars, money, etc. All these things that distract us from the Lord. Just to clarify, I’m not saying that it’s not ok to have nice things but if you end up loving the blessing more than the Blessor then there is a problem because you end up finding joy in something that can easily be taken away instead of the Lord who will never leave or forsake you.

Jesus was tempted in this area as well and once again fought back with the Word of God.

The very last temptation was the devil twisting the Word of God so that Jesus would jump off of a building. Suicide rates are at an all time high and it’s over things that are replaceable and far from what God has for us. Yet, people think there is no escape, others words start to twist and in your mind you trick yourself into thinking that no one is there for you. Guess what? God is there and He never wants to leave your side no matter what is done. Nothing can separate us from the love of God.

Jesus once again fights back with the Word of God. Finally the enemy gives up that time.

Yet, be mindful because he will return. Now, after the temptation Jesus went right into town powered up by the Spirit to preach and teach so God would be glorified.

I’ve notice when God is about to use us mightly for something. We get tempted but when we pass the temptation with the very Word of God the devil has no choice but to flee. And with that test turned into a testimony, we are powered up by God himself to preach and teach all that was learned! Yet, still being mindful and cautious that the devil has not left us alone forever.

Have I been tempted, lately? Oh yes! Funny because it’s in one area of my life that I gave up a long time ago. God has blessed me with a wonderful man after His own heart. This man is amazing in so many ways that I don’t think he is even aware of how amazing he is. Now, the temptation is:
1) he is a very attractive man and affectionate but we want to honor the Lord with boundaries so we wrote them out. Have we been completely faithful to those boundaries…unfortunately not. Praise God for his grace and mercy because so we may get right back on track.
2) Making sure that the Lord is still #1 no matter what. I use to struggle with identity but now that I’m firm in my identity in Christ I notice I’m not trying to be someone else and I’m going to stick with who God made me to be.

Honestly, I know God has great plans for me and this man. Am I certain that this man is the one God designed for me to be with? The Lord will reveal that in time. Am fascinated to know that we are already inspiring my younger girls to stay faithful to the Lord and one  day when God is ready he will give them their Mighty man of God.

Dear Lord,
Thank you fot today and the awesomeness that will happen in it. I love you and await your timing God. I pray for your strength in all of us when temptation comes because it will come. Let our decisions be honoring to you, Lord. And when we fall let us get back up and move forward with you. Father God when the testimony comes let us move forward in boldness preaching your goodness and faithfulness. I am excited for you have planned. I leave it in your control Father for you are the Master planner. We love and honor you this day by surrending all. In Jesus Mighty and Matchless name, amen!

Life Boat

Gensis 7:16

So, those who entered, male and female of all flesh, went in as God has commanded him; and the Lord shut him in.

As the earth and people in it began to be fruitful and multiply, God saw the evil in their hearts. After the fall from grace, the disobedience in the Garden of Eden, mankind continued to sin because they were now of the flesh and not the Spirit. For when God had told Adam and Eve they would die if the ate the fruit of the tree, he did not mean physically but spiritually. So, as mankind continued to sin in their ways and heart, God grieved and wanted to wipe the slate clean of the earth. Yet, there was one man whom the Lord walked with and that man was Noah. Noah found favor with God so the Lord told him the plans that He had for the earth and him.

Side note: Imagine the Creator of all things- heaven and earth coming to you to tell you his plans for you and the earth. Good plans for you, bad plans for the earth. Wow! Imagine the closeness of someone you love telling you their deepest secrets knowing that you will tell no one. That was Noah’s relationship with the Lord.

God gave Noah specific instructions on how to build this boat, because God knew how much animals and people were going to be inside. Now, Noah could have said, “but I think it should be this size,” and built it the way that He wanted to. This is why the God didn’t randomly choose someone, he chose someone who walked with Him, knew His heart and was obedient in the little knowing He will still be faithful with the big.

Now, God has given us specific instructions for the boat of life in the book of life. B.I.B.L.E – Basic Instructions before leaving earth. Now, because Noah walked with the Lord, he was saved from the flood, guess what there is still many floods going on around the world and we are drowning it. You see people drowning in their finances, in their unhealthy relationships, in depression, in money etc. etc. This world is drowning God’s people. You possible could recall a time or you are possibly going through it, right now! God is faithful to those who are faithful. That is His character! God is who He says He is and God can do what He says He can do. He proved it by saving us as He continues to do that daily through His Words!

This is why it is important to keep the commandments on the tablet of your heart so when need be you can go back to it and protect yourself from the flood to come. Now because Noah knew God and followed His specific instructions, not only did Noah save him and his family but he also saved male and female of all flesh.

Think of it this way, when you walk with God and follow His instructions; you start to inspire people to be saved as well. So, then people start to wonder, “What do they have that I do not?” And we can smile and say with all genuine honesty say, “the Lord!” When we listen and obey the Lord, you cannot help but to see the life and countenance of that person. So, you inspire people to jump on that life boat as well.

Now, think of the God as your life boat. When He told Noah to go into the boat, the Lord shut him in. So, if God is the life boat, Noah was welcomed into the protection of the Lord. No matter the circumstances that was going on outside the ark, Noah was safe and stable from the situation because He hid in the Lord.

God will always want us to be protected but we need to be in one accord with him. We need to seek him daily through daily devotions, prayer, worship and being in constant fellowship with Him then as He reveals things we must keep the secrets of the Lord and be obedient to what he has told us and in the end we will always be protected from drowning in this world.

So, I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24 NRSV

In all honesty, I want nothing more than to walk with the Lord in all His ways. I want Him to lead me and I will follow. This is confirmation for me that I am on the right path in my life. I’m excited because I look around everything is just falling into place without me forcing anything. I find that so amazing but then again we serve an amazing God, so it shouldn’t be that shocking. This past December has been far past my expectations for myself and I know it is all of God. I met someone that I truly love and adore because of his character. It has nothing to do with how old he is, his job, how he looks (though I personally think he is very attractive), etc. etc. all that outward stuff-Blah! He is a genuinely kind, honest, loving gentleman that seeks the Lord. Yet, I remember a time when I would walk with the Lord then became side tracked by a man. Yikes….yup that never told out well for me or the man. Anyways, a couple of months ago, I finally let go of the thought of finding “the perfect man,” and gave it to the Lord. I had but one request: let him be my best friend that loves you, Lord. Usually, I would just jump to anyone who gave me attention. So, as a couple years went by and I continued to walk with the Lord, stumbling here and there but getting right back up, he allowed some plans to be revealed and as little as they were I would do them. Example: pay for someone’s coffee, put my shopping cart back and grab one more that is off on a curb, show people His love and mercy, read His Word, write His Word on the tablet of my heart, give up old habits, create new God-centered ones etc. And so much more. He still does this daily with me and I enjoy every minute of it. Anyways, back to the gentleman, so God allow him into my life and I realize rather quickly that we are getting along so well. Instead of jumping at him, though (like my usual self) God has been telling to take my time and know this man for who he is. So, he is calling me to protect myself, not from the gentleman but from myself. In other words, I notice that past wounds still needed to be healed so that I do not taint this one. And in all honesty, I love everything that I see in him, the last thing I’d ever want to do is ruin something so beautiful because I mistake affection for physical only. So, we are becoming pretty close like best friend status. Yet, we are still waiting on the Lord to become an official couple with that, boundaries were created to honor God and respect the relationship that He gave us. There is a purpose in all things, because our God is a purposeful God. He does not randomly do things because He feels like it. In all honesty, I know that I am hidden in the Lord and I am safe in His arms as my heart will always be safe with my God. He will continue to be my refuge and strength. I find it fascinating though that, He is really so present in this current relationship that He has blessed me with. Even more fascinating is that, this gentleman is the awesome role model to what I want for the youth. He is respectful, kind, loving, etc. again character is amazing. If this is to go any further, which I truly am praying it will, I want this to glorify God by allowing the youth to know this is how a man should treat a woman out of love for her, not making out, or even touching but just being together and forwarding the Kingdom of God. I’m super excited beyond words for 2014. More than anything, I can see this relationship helping to save others and future relationships.

Dear Father,

I am speechless. I love you. I know that your plans are great and I thank you so much for surpassing every expectation I had for myself. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful people you have blessed me with this past 2013 and as we go into 2014 we leave the former things and embrace the newness that you have for us. I love our times together, Lord God, you are such an awesome protector and Father. Thank you for everything you do in our lives. Father, I pray that we walk and follow you just like Noah did. Help us to faithful in the little knowing that in the long run we will be faithful with whatever you give to us. Father God, you re awesome and sovereign. You are Holy God. Please, Lord let us be that example of Christ so that others may be saved. Use us as your hands and feet here on earth. I love you more than words can say. You are so awesome, God! We wait on you. Please suit us up in your full armor God. We love and worship You alone. We surrender this day to you and all the days to come. In Jesus Mighty and Matchless name, Amen.

Life more abundant


John 21:6-7
And He said to them, “Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some.” So they cast, and now they were not able to draw to in because of the multitude of fish. Therefore that disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter, “It is the Lord!” Now when Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he put on heard that it was the Lord, he put on his outer garment (for he had removed it), and plunged into the sea.
Jesus had been handed over to Pilate and crucified on the cross. On the third day, he had risen. Mary and a few of the women followers were the first to see Jesus alive. When they told the disciples, though they had a difficult time believing but they eventually rejoiced. Jesus also showed himself, to 11 of them but one was not present. Thomas. Now, since Thomas was not present when Jesus showed himself, Thomas did not believe that Jesus had rose.
Side note: A few weeks back a sermon was given on how to grow in faith. And one of the points mentioned was that we had to put ourselves in a place where our faith grows. The disciples were in a place where faith grows. Surrounded by other disciples and believers, Thomas was somewhere else. For me this is just a note to surround myself with fellow believers, ALWAYS! So, that testimonies can be shared and faith can grow.
Jesus came back to show himself real to Thomas but the Jesus states (John 20:29) “Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have NOT seen and have believed.”
Now the next day seems to be a recap on that lesson for all the disciples. Peter and John went out fishing the night before to catch. They went fishing all night, but did not catch one fish. That morning Jesus comes to ask if they caught anything. Yet, at the time they did not know it was Jesus. Then he tells them to cast the net in a particular spot then they will catch some fish.
Side note: I’ve always thought it funny that there had been several times after his death where his own disciples did not recognize him until later. And it is within these times that a lesson was taught. For this particular instance, he was just another man asking if they caught any fish. So, when he suggested to cast the net over to the side, they did not have to listen. Yet, in faith they did. And the result of that was a whole bunch of fish.
Think of it this was way. When we have trust in Jesus, no matter if he is using a disguise (as some random guy), and follow through in faith things will always turn out for the better of us because God always has the best in mind for us. Yet, we must pay attention to direction because God is a specific God. He is as detailed as can be. Jesus said specifically cast your net to the right side of the boat, now if they cast there net to the left side because they felt like it, they would have ended up with nothing. Yet, because they listened they ended up with an overabundance of fish. Jesus wants to lead us to an overabundant life, which he has in store for us, if we obey.
Last thing I observed with this scripture is that Peter, the disciple that denied Jesus 3 times, as soon as John had said, “It is the Lord!” without hesitation Peter grabs his coat and jumps into the water. I can just see him swimming so excitedly toward the Lord. The one disciple who was predicted by Jesus to deny Jesus 3 times understood his fault and went back to Christ anyway. Have you ever done something wrong to someone and tended to avoid them instead of going to them? Yeah, well Peter didn’t have that on his mind when he saw Jesus. So, many times we can quilt trip ourselves into thinking, “they’ll never forgive, now,” or “I’m not worth forgiving, didn’t you see what I did?” Well, I know I’ve been there but Peter’s reaction is what Christ always wants from us, no matter what we did wrong. I mean, he knows right? He knows our mistakes, our needs, our wants, our desires before we even come to him.
If you’ve ever wanted someone to know you, faults and all, and still accept you. Well, that is exactly who Christ is. And He is always patient, always kind, He does not envy, He does not boast. He is love.
I’m blessed to know the Lord. Truly know Him, not as a man in a book but someone to have a conversation with and that loving me guides and corrects me when need be. I’m just so amazed at all that He is. He loves me enough to set my path straight even when I wonder of sometimes (yeah, I do that). He still has great plans for me. Lately, I’ve been pretty off my goals and in all honesty I have no one else to blame but myself. I’m not condemning myself but it is good to know that I need to get back on track ASAP! God has guided me to a few things to do this year. Goals for 2014 are written out and need to be executed. Just as God wants an abundant life for me it all depends on my obedience, I got the map, all I need to do is follow it. Praise God for the Bible because I was super lost without it. Also, another thing that stood out was just like Peter I need to rush back to the Lord no matter what I’ve done. He will never leave or forsake me because nothing can separate us from the love of the Lord. It’s funny because this scripture somewhat reflects Sunday’s message.
1) Know and Believe in God’s promises. – Just as Mary believed in the promise that would be born from her, though there was no way possible a virgin could get pregnant.
-just like Peter and John had caught absolutely no fish the night before- in faith tossed the net on the right side of the boat.
2) Have an attitude of expectation to look for it. – The Magi were looking for the star and they found it.
– Peter and John looked for the Lord after the order was given and they found him with excitement!
3) Remind God of His promise. – God does not need to be reminded, we do.
-Imagine the faith that was built after one cast of their net, after a whole night of nothing. This is also a reminder of when they first met Jesus, he said, “Follow me and I will make you fishermen of men.”
God is great, therefore his plans are great. It was also suggested in the sermon that we look up all the promises He has for us because there is a lot of promises. Yesterday’s promise was that He has plans for a hope and a future for me. Today’s promise:
John 10:10
The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill and to destroy. I have come that they may have a life, and that they may have it more abundantly.
Dear Father God,
Thank you for an amazing weekend and thank you in advance for an awesome week! Father, you blow my mind sometimes, sir. I love you, I know I’ll never love you more than you love me and to be honest I’m so thankful for that. The love here is conditional, yours is not. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to try to love you the best way I know how and that is by being obedient. Lord, you amaze me in ways I never thought possible. Thank you that you are who you say you are, you can do what you say you can do. Praise you that I am who you say I am. Thank you that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength and thank you that your Word is alive and active in me. Father, I pray that I stay obedient to you and the mentors that you have put in my life because I know you put them here for me for a reason. Forgive me for the times I stray. Thank you for your mercy and grace, Lord God. I pray for our family that do not know the power that you have given us through Christ Jesus. The power to be more like You and less like our carnal selves. Father, equipped us to follow your directions for it leads us to a life more abundant! Thank you for your never failing love and grace, let us show that here to a world that so desperately needs you. Suit us up with your full armor, the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, belt of truth, boots of peace, sword of the Word and Shield of faith. Father God let your will be done in our lives. You are so awesome! We love and honor you God. In Jesus Mighty name, Amen!

Latter days

Job 42:12-13

Now the Lord blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning; for he had fourteen thousand sheep, six thousand camels, one thousand female donkeys. he also had seven sons and three daughters.

Job had gone through many trials and it did not only last for a couple of days. No, these trials went on forever so it seemed for Job. Losing everything he had including his friends, God himself came down to have a few words with Job, but in the end even with his close friends rebuking him, Job did what was right before the Lord. Job stated in 42 verses 3,5-6

You asked. ‘Who is this who hides counsel without knowledge?’

Therefore I have uttered what I did not understand, Things too wonderful for me, which I do not know.

“I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear; but now my eyes sees You. Therefore I abhor myself,

And repent in dust and ashes.

Job admitted that the words he had spoken were words of misunderstanding towards the Lord. He realized what God was doign was far past his understanding as a man.

How many times have we gone through that? Just saying and thinking, ‘What is God doing up there? I’ve been faithful. I’ve been kind etc. Then why am I going through all these trials.’

I remember when I first started my journey, he tested me in some pretty sensative areas, relationship and finances. And there were times when I though God is going to flip things around for me. Yet, as every possible solution I had to my own scenerio didn’t pan out, I got more and more frustrated with God.  So, how do we react when we go through trials, especially when we have no clue what will happen next?

TRUST IN THE LORD!!! For the fear of the Lord is wisdom and the shunning of evil is understanding.

Job 28:28—”And  he said to man, The fear of the Lord—that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding.'”

Yet, it even took awhile for Job to give it up and say that he did not understanding the Lords ways, he strongly disliked himself for it. So, he did the wisest thing he could do. He repented before the Lord.

I was finally brought to the realization where I wasn’t trusting in God. In fact I was fearing my situations and not the Lord. I was embracing evil instead of shunning it. Because of this, I was brought to repentence and with it came restoration.

This is exactly what happened to Job. After the Lord had shared some words with Job, Job understood that he was not trusting in God and repented. Yet, there was one more step before God restored Job. Due to his friends rebuking Job, God told Job’s friends that they needed to gather offerings and have Job pray for them. Only then would God not punsih them.

What a humbling experiance for the men and not to mention one more test for Job.

These men had to go through the man that they had deemed a sinner. When in actuality they were the sinners. So, they had to eat some humblwe pie to ask Job, “Hey, man can you please forgive us and pray for us?”

At this point, the ball was in Job’s court. Job could have said, NO WAY! but instead knowing that God has just forgiven him for his sins, Job in turn had offered forgiveness and prayed for his friends.

Right after this, God blessed Job’s latter days moer than his beginning.

When we realize that God is good and all He has for us is good no matter the situation, our latter days will be better than our former. God has promised us abundance if we continue to walk with Him. What an invitation. Yet, more than anything when we are able to realize, “I messed up,” and come before the Lord and repent. How can God not want to reveal the awesome things He had planned for you, all along?

As for me, my latter days are most definietely greater than my former days. This week is the week before my birthday and I have truly been blessed with much more than I know I deserve. One of the sisters that I lived with once upon a time when I left my ex, she is my sister from another mister, I love her to pieces but last weekend she touched my heart in a way no one else ever did and I know it was because of God. She had wanted to take me to California for a weekend trip and she had everything covered. She said we were headed to the hotel and in the morning we would have breakfast, go on the boardwalk near the hotel, then go to the beach. Yet, as we drove down to California, I had commented on how I had no clue what was going to happen but I knew it was going to be the best weekend ever. She had then opened her heart and told me that she remembered what my 25th birthday meant for me. When I was younger I dreamed I would be married by the age of 25 years old and if I stayed with my ex that dream would have been fulfilled but I knew God had a purpose for me to leave my ex, which is when I got so close to my sister in the car. What astounded me more than anything was that she remembered, which really meant to me that God remembered. No one knew how hard this 25th birthday would be for me because I didn’t let it show. I didn’t want to mourn over it but the fact is that I still have fragments of that dream but after my 25th birthday that dream will be completely gone. Yet, I know 2 things from this very experience:

I need to let go of a dream completely so that I may embrace the promise God has for me


The Lord will bless my latter day, more than the beginning.

Dear Father God,

I love you too. Thank you that you are so mindful of me. Praise you that you are truly all I need. Father God, I know that you have great plans for me because you have given me a hope and a future. Praise you, Lord for you are awesome and everything you do is awesome. Thank you that these sitautions we go through are what you need to get us to the next level. Lord, you are all we need in those times. Lord, I thank you for all the blessings that we are so generous in giving us. I pray, Lord that as we go through our trials that we keep in mind that our latter days with you will always be better and more abundant than our former days. Let us trust and fear you, God because you know what you are doing far past our own understanding. Glory to our Lord on High. Guide and protect us always, in Jesus Mighty name, Amen.

Where is your faith?




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Mark 4:39:40


Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm. But He said to them, “Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?”


“Where is your faith?” Have you ever heard this phrase before? Whether it be by a person or you thinking it to yourself, this is truly an inspirational question verses a condemnation one. In other words, this question should be asked and received as a question that inspires you to remember your faith in Jesus.


Maybe whoever asked you meant it as a way to condemn; you can lovingly give them grace and just accept it as a heart check and ask yourself: Where is my faith?


It could be toward a situation or circumstance that you may be experiencing or it could simply be a reminder from God to check where your faith is because of an upcoming test.


At this point, Jesus has been through towns preaching the Word and He had given the Parable of the Sower. It is a Parable where seed (The Word) fall in 4 places: the road (where Satan takes it away easily), the rocks (where people receive the Word but because there is no root they die out), the thorns (where the receive the Word but the world easily sucks them back into it), and the good soil (where the people receive it, grow root, stay firm and watch it prosper.) So, as a disciple, which one would you think they would be in? The good soil, right?


Jesus moves forward preaching more parables about faith and the kingdom of God and guess what now it is time for a test for His dear disciples. They get into a boat to go to their next destination, Jesus falls asleep. Storms starts happening, even though Jesus is right there with them, quiet and still, but they still freak out. So, they try to wake him up by ask him, “Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?” (vs.37)


How many times have we said that in the midst of our trials and testing?


“Lord, don’t you care that I am about to perish?”


Whether it be a big storm or a little storm, Jesus will never let You perish. Don’t get me wrong some things in our life have to pass away because they are not good for us or the time just isn’t right.  Yet, in this circumstance, the disciples knew Jesus was there with them and had seen all his miracles but were still frightened by their current situation. There are times in the gospel that Jesus tells everyone, “He who has eyes let him see and he has ears let him, hear.” Yet, in Chapter 4, He only stated, “He who has ears to hear let him hear,” (vs.9) and “if anyone has ears to hear, let him hear.”(vs. 23)


So, in other words, He did not want people to use their eyes in this case but their ears and what Jesus was telling them is what needed to be received and planted in good soil, so when they went through the testing they could reap the harvest. When the opportunity came to the disciples Jesus must have been just a little disappointed but wanted them to consider, “Where is your faith?”


As for me, my faith has been interesting. Sometimes, it goes on a rollercoaster ride with my emotions, other times it is hard for me to find, and other times its exactly where it needs to be in my arm as my shield so that I do not receive or perceive the lies of the enemy. So many times, I’ve heard we live by faith and not by sight and as long as we are not going through the testing we could jump for joy and shout, “Amen!” (Which isn’t a bad response at all) But, when the time comes to truly test that faith, I won’t lie and say that I’ve passed every test because there were times when I ran to my food looking for comfort rather than Jesus but eventually, I remember He is right here with me at all times. (By this time I have already realized I have not passed the test but praise God because the test will come, again.) My test of faith is still  going on in mainly my finances and fiancé. So, I still work to part-time jobs but I am really hoping to get a full-time position soon at NEIS and as long as I lean on Jesus and my God, who is my Provider, I know that job will come around soon enough. I still have financial debts but one day with God I have faith that all of that will be gone. As for the fiancé thing, it isn’t that big of a deal because I know God has a very special man out there for me a true Mighty Man of God that He designed specifically for His purpose to be a Pastor, Husband, Father, and my partner in to forward the Kingdom of God. I am getting tested faith wise because there is absolutely no one that I am interested in my church or outside of my church and for now that is how it has to be, Jesus needs to be the Center of my life, not a man, and the more our relationship builds eventually my earthly fiancé can come in. Yet, my heart is fully on the Lord and even when my earthy fiancé comes in, it truly needs to stay that way.


Dear Heavenly Host,


Thank you for all that you continue to do in our lives. Praise you for waking me up this morning for it means that I still have a purpose here for You, it is an honor and a privilege to serve you Lord. Father God, Praise you that you are always in control of every situation, even when we are not and that is when things always work out for the best because you got us. Jesus, praise you for your loving sacrifices on the cross so that we can be Your Bride. Lord, thank you for questioning us on where are Faith is, let it be among good soil and at times it may start off on another path but help us to move it where you want it to be so that after time it will be in good soil, be watered, grow deep roots and build up a harvest for the Kingdom of God. Lord, praise you that your plans for us are good and full of hope and a future. We have faith in you, Lord. Let this day and every moment of it belong to you, our One True King. In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.




Acts 12:11
And when Peter had come to himself, he said, “Now I know for certain that the Lord has sent His angel, and has delivered me from the hand of Herod and from all the expectation of the Jewish people.”

During this time Herod was king. He was harassing the church and put James to the sword. He found that this pleased the people very much. So, he intended to do the exact death to Peter. They found and arrested him, giving him to 4 squads of soldiers.

Ok. Hold on, 4 squads of soldiers was that necessary? I’d say absolutely this was a man that everyone, against the gospel, was after buy could never keep him bound. Why? Because the Lord was with Peter.
Also, think of the time frame he was captured. He was arrested during the time of the Unleavened Bread. So, no one could be executed, this is also why he was put in prison with so much guards because Herod must have thought that there is still a high risk of losing Peter so pack on the gaurds and chain Peter up.

Now, the night before his death. Peter was sleeping.

Could you imagine peace that surpass all understanding even when faced with death. Think about it, you losing sleep over: unpaid bills, lose of job, lose of boyfriend or girlfriend etc.

Peter might have been pretty certain he was going to die. Yet, He still had trust in the Lord that everything would go according to God’s plan.
Trust in the Lord = Peace that surpasses all understanding.

Could you imagine a time when the circumstances didn’t look good but you knew that Got will make a way, He did it for the Israelites by parting the Red Sea, why wouldn’t He do it, again?

Well, onward with the story, Peter was awakened by an angel by the angel striking (seems like a great wake up call-that was sarcastic) and the angel said, “Arise quickly.” In other words, “Yo, get up we gotta go, NOW.” At this time, the chains just fall off, they pass two guard posts unnoticed, and a huge gate opens for them. This whole time Peter thinks he is dreaming. (I would, too) but when he came to realize he was out, he gave all glory to God by stating:
“Now I know for certain that the Lord has sent His angel, and has delivered me from the hand of Herod and from all the expectation of the Jewish people.”

So, in other words God’s plan was to deliver him.

God has a plan for everything and everyone. God had a plan that Peter would live to preach the gospel because it was not in God’s time (and the church was earnestly praying for him) for Peter to come home, yet. Regardless, Peter needed to trust in the Lord to have his way with the situation no matter which way it went. In the end, Peter wakes up to realize that God had delivered him from the hand of His enemy AND all the expectations of the Jewish people.

Imagine being set free from the trials that you face, currently …like: financial debt, identity in someone else, even your dreams etc. these things can keep you in bondage. How? You put a limit on the One who is limitless. Peter understood that it would happen just the way that God wanted. Notice he does it verbally say it, but his actions says it all. Don’t you wish people could show more than they could say? Well, Peter did exactly that. He woke up thinking he was having a vision that he was getting out off his bondage when no it was happening all right in front of his eyes. Peter was able to see and witness to what God was doing because he didn’t expect God to save him not to mention he didn’t expect God to save him a specific way.

There was a man that shared a testimony on how he was in financial debt and he had a very specific plan on how to free himself from financial debt but it did not include tithing. Well, let’s just say his plan didn’t work and he got deeper and deeper into dept. He didn’t understand what was happening….car randomly breaking down, bills unexpectedly popping up. Well, one day his pastor challenged him to tithe and he did, guess what he unexpectedly would get the money back 100 fold, and next thing you know he is out of debt!

Here is the moral of the story. His plan didn’t work, but God’s plan did because God says to test him in your area of finances and watch His overflow happen. Though it did not make sense logically, it made sense with God not being limited to what a man could do.

It is not logical that Peter’s shackles would just fall off and he would unnoticeable walk past two guard posts. Peter did not put a limit or a specific structure on what God could do. So, why should we?

It is through trusting in God that we get to see His miracles and wonders, which tags along with peace that surpasses all understanding.

As for me, have I been trusting in the Lord, lately?

Let me be completely honest and human, right now…..nope. I’ve been trying to figure out this whole financial thing. It’s been giving me a headache, honestly but that is what happens when I thing I can do it on my own strength. So finally, my room mate and I sat down to talk about finances and I think we are on a better path now. As for my future husband, I am still attempting to grasp the concept that I am God’s Bride. I am unaware on what that looks like just, yet. This is probably due to the fact that I am still “keeping an eye out for my earthly husband.” Fact is that it will all happen in God’s timing.

I know I have been battling lately, though because my past has been popping up more and more. The weird thing is, is that I am okay with that because it is making me compare my life now to how it used to be. My life wouldn’t be anywhere near as awesome as it is right now, if I would have chose to stay where I was at. My Pastor’s wife gave an inspirational message today about two different extreme personalities:

Type A- driven, focused, time-management, leading to impatience.

Type B- cruises, perfectionist, leading to be lazy.

My Pastor’s wife had stated that she is a Type A personality while her husband is Type B personality.

The thing she brought to light is that TRUSTING IN THE LORD balances out these two personalities, and based on personalities that God has given them, she was designed as a Type A person to reach certain people, while her husband was designed as a Type B to reach others. I stopped for a moment to think about this.

If I did not trust in God, He would not have been able to use me as He is using me, now.

God allowed me to see the world through His eyes when I said, yes to Him and goodbye to my old ways. I could not have imagined any of this for myself. Amazing sisters that I am about to spend my 25th birthday with, awesome family in Christ that love on me through feeding me: mentally, spiritually, and physically. A career in helping children with disabilities. I have a roof over my head, food to eat, water to drink, my very own space for me to think and reflect on what the Lord is telling me. WOW! Before I used to have just a boyfriend (I say it like that because I would confide myself to just him and his group of friends not searching anywhere else so no girlfriends.) I used to go in and out of church, not really having a purpose to go but to know that it felt good to worship and hear an inspirational message, only to drop it at the door and go back to doing my life my way. Before I had a job, lying to people to get a sale or two so I wouldn’t be fired. I shared a roof, food, water, bed even with my ex, I had no time by myself to just stop and think. Not like I wasn’t grateful for that time but in the end, nothing beats what the Lord had in store for me and all I simply had to do was TRUST IN HIM. Just like Peter, just like the man in finical debt, just like my pastor’s wife. Just like I did back then.

Revelation is needed for moments when we struggle and I have been struggling but on my own strength because the Lord is truly the only One that can give me peace that surpasses all understanding. So, I will be still and know He is God.

Dear Lord,

I love you. My past seems to be creeping back into my life but I do not have to respond to it as my flesh would sometimes want me, too. You know kicking, screaming, crying because things didn’t go my way, impatient and having a typical type A personality. Father God, praise you that you are the one that keeps me together, because I look back into my life and realize that I am only here because you want me here. I remember when I thought my life was truly worth nothing but because you saved me, I am still here. Praise you that you are who you say you are. Lord, I pray that we simply trust in you because your promises will come to pass all in your wonderful timing. Lord God, you are all I need. Let my mind be on the things that you want it to be on. We surrender it all to you. In Jesus Mighty and Matchless name, Amen.